Fire extinguisher training tomorrow… let the games begin.

Fire extinguisher training tomorrow… let the games begin.

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Bad ass…

Bad ass…

My new music love… Gossling <3

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Absolutely everything is annoying me, what the f is going on in my head?

The Jezabels - Long Highway

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Yeeaah love this song! Who am I kidding… I love all of their songs


The Jezabels - Long Highway - Prisoner (2011)

Been listening to @thejezabels all morning. This particular tune - LOVE IT.

A bit of a muted but anticipatory start (like you know something good is about to happen) -> followed by an amazing but gradual addition of instrumentation -> that then becomes this fantastic rock tune with small moments of delicacy and subtly -> of course, all accented brilliantly by Hayley Mary’s vocals. And finally, the close of this tune -> full out crescendo -> followed, perfectly, by a light and sensitive and almost muted finish. Brilliant.

Absolutely love the tune. Absolutely love the record. And uber excited for the Pre-Order that finally arrived yesterday (actually purchased the MP3s last week via itunes knowing shipping from AUS would take some time…) It did, btw (all good).

I’ll be blogging at some point about the bonuses of pre-ordering, and why I always encourage folks to pre-order, and how the album art is just that — art, and how there’s a bonus disk with early demos that comes with the pre-order, a fantastic little book/liner notes with brilliant art, and the entire band autographed the album.

And how, all of that, just kicks@ss.

In any case, I highly recommend the album. You can purchase it here.

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Happy freaking Monday… oh wait it’s Tuesday. Carry on…

Love starting my week on a Tuesday!



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Lana Del Rey - Video Games

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haha true

haha true

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To my fellow wordies&#8230;

To my fellow wordies…

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Now my life is sweet like cinnamon… like a fucking dream I’m living in….

Now my life is sweet like cinnamon… like a fucking dream I’m living in….

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"I almost fell off my chair when I finally realised what you did… before that I was looking at it thinking it was the same. Your fun and your OCD tendencies are fun to work with :)"

Good feedback from a coworker…I think? I moved a logo into the correct spot for her… and I just want to spellcheck her… “you’re” haha.

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